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A Ritual Performance dated 23/5/2019

Annual Grand Rituals of 2020/21 and Prayer Request:

28th Feb to 9th Mar, 2020 – Recitation of 108 Volumes of Kagyur Rinpoche

11th to 13th Mar, 2020 – Dolma Youldhok

3rd to 9th May, 2020 – Mahavairochana Sand Mandala Ritual

5th Jul to 19th Aug, 2020 – Summer Retreat

31st Aug to 2nd Sep, 2020 – Vajrayogini Ritual coinciding with the Anniversary of Ngakchang Chenmo Kunga Rinchen and Tsarchen Losal Gyatso

23rd Oct to 1st Nov, 2020 – Vajrakilaya Sand Mandala Ritual Ceremony and Performance of the Vajrakilaya Masked Dance coinciding with the Anniversary of Sachen Kunga Nyingpo

28th Dec, 2020 – Recitation of Dhomsum Rapye and Sapan Lachod on the Anniversary of Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen

3rd to 8th Jan, 2021 – Hevajra Sand Mandala Rituals coinciding with the Anniversary of Drogon Chosgyal Phagpa

4th to 10th Feb, 2021 – Phurdhok (Averting negativities of the old year just before the start of the New Year)

Monks performing the Mahakala Ritual to avert adversities and obstacles
dated 21/4/2020
1000 Vijaya Offering on the Death Anniversary of Sakya Pandita dated 9/1/2020

If you would like to order a puja for yourself or others, the list is provided below:


Donation: $110.00

Vairochana’s transcendent wisdom reveals the realm of the highest reality and overcomes the poison of ignorance and confusion. This ritual is the best purification for this life and also the best for the liberation of a deceased person as it purifies the negative deeds committed in the past life and helps the deceased acquire a better rebirth. It also helps to minimize the sufferings and the anxiety of the deceased during the Bardo intermediate stage of death and rebirth. This ritual along with Empowerment is very effective for someone who is terminally ill, and can be done by 4 to 8 monks over a 5 hour period. On special occasions the ritual with the creation of a Sand Mandala lasts 5 to 7 days. Offerings for this ritual can be very elaborate or simple, but at a minimum, 108 butter lamps are recommended.


Donation: Whole Sangha participation: $75.00 or by four monks: $35.00

Tara Puja is very effective to seek guidance, support, strength and fulfillment of one’s wishes. The unabridged version of this prayer takes 3 to 4 hours.


Donation: Whole Sangha participation: $135.00 or by for monks: $85.00

Mahakala Puja is a prayer to the tutelary deities who are the Protector of the Dharma and its practitioners. This ritual invokes the tutelary deities to guide, support and bestow power to face life’s struggle and to eliminate the obstacles that hinder our path. The entire Sangha with ritual music generally performs this ceremony, however a minimum of four monks can perform it. This ritual with the mantra recitation for each deity takes six hours.


Donation: $35.00

This puja is to prolong one’s life span and invokes the blessing of Three Long Life Deities: White Tara, Amitayu and Vijaya. It is good for someone who is suffering from a long term disease or who is experiencing physical or emotional trauma. This puja with recitation of Long Life Mantra is performed by 4 monks over a 4 hours period. The offerings of 108 butter lamps are recommended.

Medicine Buddha

Donation: $35.00

Medicine Buddha Puja is for someone who is undergoing medical treatment. When the treatment does not show desired result, the puja can be effective to bring needed result. The blessings of Medicine Buddha enhance the potentiality of the medicine and show positive result. The Puja takes 4 hours.


Donation: This ritual completed by the entire Sangha: $250.00 or by 6 Monks: $31.00

This is one of the major rituals, which needs compulsory offerings of one thousand butter lamps, scented waters, incense, flowers, and offering cakes. This ritual requires two days, one for preparation and making the offering shrine. Vijaya is one of the Long Life three deities. This ritual is done for purification of one’s negative deeds committed in this or earlier lives and also to accumulate merits to help fulfillment of one’s wishes and dreams. When one has good accumulation of merits, he/she will have natural advantage of luck and success in all walks of life.


Donation: $10.00

The prayer to the Buddha of ten directions can be done any occasion for the deceased, for the living and for the well-being of all sentient beings. This prayer takes 15 minutes for the Sangha to recite three times.


Donation: $10.00

This prayer is done to eliminate obstacles one might encounter in the practice of Dharma. This prayer takes 10 minutes to recite three times.


Donation: $20.00

At your request the monastery will arrange for 20 meters of prayer flags to be hoisted on an auspicious day.


Donation: $15.00

At your request a 108 butter lamps will be offered for the benefit of a deceased friend or family member or for the benefit of world peace.

How to Order

Make sure you provide the list of pujas and prayers you would like, list of people for whom the prayers are to be said for (specify if living or deceased).

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