Pokhara - 25 Hemja, Kaski, Nepal




“Together we can release the pandemic suffering of our brothers and sisters to some extent.”

Status : Ongoing

As a part of our social welfare activities, we are now working on distributing rations at various parts of the country in phase wise amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.

1st PHASE (completed, conducted on May 26)

This Phase will be conducted in May at Pokhara for 635 Tibetan refugee families of five Tibetan refugee settlements under the kind and generous financial support from Joscelyn Blumenthal, USA and other individuals.

Thank You and Appreciation Letter from Tashiling Tibetan Settlement Office
Tashi Palkhil Tibetan Refugee Settlement
At Paljorling Tibetan Refugee Settlement
Uploading the Food Relief Supplies
Relief Supply Distribution
Distributing Supplies
The monastery principal, Lama Ngawang la with the relief supplies: rice, dal, sugar & salt
Slum House
Slum Area at Ward Number 25 of Pokhara Metropolitan City
A Family with Food Relief Supplies

2nd PHASE (sponsored, yet to be conducted)

This Phase will be conducted in collaboration with Dooley Intermed International, USA for 467 impoverished families ten wards of two rural municipalities(Garap Jong and Thasang) of Lower Mustang under the sponsorship of Dooley Intermed.

Today on June 5, we loaded 467 bags of 25kg rice, 467kgs of salt, 467 liters of cooking oil, 48 boxes of mask, 467 pieces of handwashing soap in a 12 wheeler truck. In total, 13 tons of food supplies and sanitary items were loaded. The relief team from the monastery consisted of Venerable Lama Tashi Wangyal la(director) and Venerable Lama Ngawang Tashi la(principal) will leave for Mustang very early morning of June 6.

Loaded Relief Supplies
467 Liters of Cooking Oil
467 Pieces of Handwashing Soap
48 Boxes of Clinical Mask and a Dozen of Sanitizer
Venerable Lama Tashi Wangyal la the Godown
Pema Ts’al Relief Team with Honorable Mr. Indra Dhara Bisa, a Member of Parliament to Gandaki Province from Mustang District
At Kobang, Lower Mustang
At Tserok Tibetan Refugee Camp, Lower Mustang
Honorable Mr. Jamyang Dradul la, a Member of Parliament of Gandaki Province
from Mustang District handing over the Relief Supplies on behalf of Pema Ts’al
At Chibang, Lower Mustang
Venerable Lama Ngawang Tashi la unloading the Supplies, getting ready for Distribution
Venerable Lama Tashi Wangyal la briefing the Local Representatives
Our Relief Supply Team to Lower Mustang
Venerable Lama Tashi Wangyal la(director) and Lama Ngawang Tashi la(principal)

3rd Phase

This Phase will be held soon after lifting the on-going lockdown. It will directly benefit around 1000 families living in three rural municipalities of Upper Mustang. We are collaborating Dooley Intermed International also for this Project.

We also would like to reach out to other communities in needs but it will largely depend upon the generous donors. We are extremely grateful that Dooley Intermed International is also helping us on finding sponsors for these projects. Therefore, Pema Ts’al sincerely request any organizations and individuals to join us for this humanitarian cause. In order to ensure every impoverished family gets their basic needs (food), a Pema Ts’al team will visit every field site.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Monastery Staff at Godown for ordering food relief supplies
At Godown
Rice for Distribution
Lentil for Distribution
Salt for Distribution
Sugar for Distribution


Status: On-Going (73 sponsored out of 100 stupas)


Status: Completed

Proposal Letter 1/2
Proposal Letter 2/2

Out of 25,000(twenty-five thousand) US dollars needed for the project, as of now we could raise 19,180USD( till the 15th December 2020). We are very hopeful that with the kind and generous donors and sponsors, we will be able to raise the remaining fund and fulfill the project. Please find below the photos of the work in progress.

Mini Football Ground Location
Boundary Wall under Construction
Monks giving Hands in their Weekends
Venerable Khenpo Kunga la helping in levelling the Ground
Monks having Snacks after working for Hours
Workers constructing the Walls
Monks in Work


Status: Completed

With the generous support of our sponsors, till date we have raised over 100,000USD towards our goal of 450,000USD and with the support of other private donors we hope to complete the three storey college building which will fill huge need.

  •  3 Storey College Classroom, Library and Dining Hall Building Construction – Ground Floor – Program Hall & Store, 1st Floor – Dining Hall & Kitchen, 2nd Floor – Library & Classrooms)
         Total Area     :           14,400 sq.ft.
         Estimated Cost       :     USD$ 450,000.00

Future Projects:

  1. Construction of Retreat House – 200,000USD
  2. Purchase of Football Field – 25,000USD
Under Construction College Library
Window Materials for the Under College Building Construction
Library under Construction

Sorting Buddhist Philosophical Books in the Newly Built College Library
The director of International Buddhist Academy (IBA), Venerable Khenpo Ngawang
Jordhen la and his attendants paying visit to our under Construction College Building
Dining Hall under Construction
Staircases (marble floor with steel railing)
Peacock Design on Front Top of the under Construction College Building
On-going Painting Work
Temple and College Buildings

Out of the above-mentioned projects, the College Building Project was completed in July 2020. We extend our hearty thanks to all who supported us in making this Project possible.