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How you can sponsor a monk?

There are several ways that a person can HELP us to reach our goals. One of them is the sponsorship. To sponsor a monk is 42 USD/month (500 USD/year). You will receive a photo and bio of the sponsored monk. The monk will write to you several times throughout the year and the monastery office will send e-mail correspondence updating you not only on the progress of your child, but life at the institute as well. We welcome sponsors to write their students regularly.

Pema Ts’al Sakya Monastic Institute is a non-profit center for advanced Buddhist teachings and practices totally dedicated toward providing both the traditional monastic and modern education. Presently, it has 120 impoverished students from Nepal, as well as from India.

There are various ways you can support our students.

S.No. Particulars Amount (In USD)
1 Sponsoring a Student 500/ Year
2 Stationery a Year 4500
3 Library Book a Year 1000
4 Annual Educational Trip 2000
5 Medical Expenses a Year 3500
6 A Teacher Salary a Month 200
7 Ice-cream a Day 60
8 Egg a Week 150
9 Egg a Month 650
10 Egg a Year 7650
11 Breakfast 100
12 Lunch or Dinner 200
13 Sports & Games Equipment 300
14 Clothing 4000
15 Annual Inter-School Competitions 600

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