Pokhara City- 25 Hemja, Kaski, Nepal


13 JAN


This is a major ritual based on (drawing or sand) Mandala. This can be performed for a day or three to seven days in a straight. This ritual is especially good for the deceased. If purifies the negative deeds committed in the past life and helps to acquire better rebirth. It also helps the deceased to minimize the sufferings and anxiety during the (Bardo) intermediate stage of death and rebirth. This ritual along with Empowerment is also very effective to someone who is terminally ill and virtually no hope of survival. The ritual with bestowing empowerment can be decisive. This ritual can be done by minimum of 4 to 8 monks and takes 5 hours. On special occasion or request by sponsor, the ritual can be done for 5 to 7 days by drawing Sand Mandala. Offerings can be very elaborate or simple too but 100 butter lamps are recommended.

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