Pokhara - 25 Hemja, Kaski, Nepal

Month: June 2020

25 JUN

Lock Down Messages from the Visiting School Teachers

As we all are well aware of, COVID-19 pandemic lock down was commenced in Nepal on the 24th of March, 2020. Since then, our visiting school teachers have been not able to come to school for teachings to their beloved students though they strongly wish to due to the restrictions posed by Nepal Government. In the meantime, all 11 visiting teachers have sent messages to the monastery/school family especially to their lovely students expressing their love, giving pieces of valuable advice and sending prayers and hopes for reunion as early as possible.

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12 JUN

Dharma Talk on Sakya Dawa

The fourth month of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar, “Saka Dawa” is the holiest month in Buddhism. In this month, the Buddha was Born, Enlightened, and passed away into Nirvana. One good deed is multiplied by a-100 thousand time especially on the Full Moon Day. On this happy and auspicious occasion as per our annual academic calendar, we have been organizing a religious talk on this very extraordinary month from the last many years. This year on June 8, Monday, Venerable Lopoen Lekshey Tenpa la spoke on its history and importance.

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